The southern region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, comprises of Kohat, Karak, Bannu, Lakki Marwat, Tank and Dera Ismail Khan districts and adjoining tribal territories. The area has Kurram, Tochi and Gomal Valleys and also rivers by the same names, besides the Indus River flowing all along its eastern border. The area has seen many ups and downs because many invaders passed through the passes, and marched on Hindustan.The ruling dynasties have therefore left many visible marks in the area, which are of interest to historians, tourists and researchers.  


This is a 4516 feet high mountain, situated 64 miles south of Bannu and 45 miles from Dera Ismail Khan. It was first occupied as a sanitarium in 1860. It can be converted into a beautiful Hill Resort for the people of the southern region. There is a shrine of a saint on top of the mountain


While traveling from Kohat towards Peshawar, one passes by the new township and then the road enters the mountains near a police post. About one kilometer away, one can see a large enclosed area having a thick forest.

This is the Kotal Park. Besides many trees, it has cages, where rare birds and peasants have been kept. Deers also roam about in the Park. The place in an ideal spot for nature lovers.


The town of Lakki was founded as lhsanpur by Fateh Khan Tiwana in 1844. The town was shifted to its preset location in 1864. It derives its present name from Diwan Lakki Mal of the Sikhs.It is an important trading centre and headquarters of District Lakki Marwat.

The population is comprised mainly of Marwats and also includes Mina Khel, Khoidad Khel and Syed Khels.


Samana is over 7000 feet high on a ridge near Hangu in Koha€ district. In 1891, the British built a fort and a Hill station here. It has government summer offices and rest houses also, It is an excellent spot and gives a beautiful view of the area around


It is an old town on the Kohat-Kalabagh road. A close by mountain was very sacred to the Hindus. It is said that probably Changez Khan chased Prince Jalalud Din Khwarzim Shah in 1320 AD on this route towards Dhing Kot. Dhing Kot was a crossing place on the Indus River near Mari Indus. There are many old graveyards, shrines and serais on this route.


Tanda- Pam is located about 10 kilometers away from Kohat. A Dam has been constructed at a narrow point in the catchment area, where a huge reservoir of water has been created.

The wooded hills around the lake have been converted into a Wildlife Reserve. Tanda Dam has rest houses that require booking in advance. From here panoramic view of Kohat City and environs can be obtained.


The town of tank is about 65 kilometers away from Dera Ismail Khan. This big trading center has a large ruined mud fort constructed by Sarwar Khan in early 19th century AD. Sir Henry Durand, the Lieutenant Governor of the then Punjab Province was killed here in 1870, while sitting on an elephant and trying to pass through one of the gateways.