• The Pakistani people are well known for their tolerance, hospitality and cheerfulness. Tourists visiting Pakistan are enouraged to observe some common customs and practices. Some common customs are as follows:
  • When the national anthem is played, at any social gathering and at public events or in cinemas, for example, you are expected to stand. The best guide is to check what other people are doing and follow suit.
  • Shoes must be removed when entering places of worship such as mosques and shrines. Its is advisable for ladies to wear long skirts and sleeves when entering sacred places.
  • Drinking in public or toasting is not a common practice in Pakistan. The country’s large Muslim population does not drink alcohol.
  • Keep a fair amount of local currency with you. Having plenty of  100s, 500s and 1000s Rupee bills is the perfect way to pay for goods and services in Pakistan.
  • The common method of greeting  in Pakistanis shaking hands and saying “Aslam o Alakium”.
  • Last but not least have fun in Pakistan and smile a lot.